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Intake Process

It can be confusing and overwhelming when your child receives a diagnosis. We often say to ourselves, "what do we do now?" 

Often times, the information on the diagnostic paperwork that is received is not fully indicative of the next steps. What services should you look into? What will be most beneficial for your child and your family. It is not a decision that is made lightly and can feel unreal. 

While we take a collaborative approach, our specialty is in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and our process for in-home services is listed on this page. 

If ABA services is what is one of the approaches you want for you and your child, we will work as best we can to make it as easy for you to access. 

Referral Received

A referral is something that is provided on behalf of the individual who is in need of services. This can come from a doctors office, community support specialist, and/or even a parent. Once we receive the referral, we will initiate the intake process by getting in contact with the caregiver or organization identified. 


Document Submission

Document submissions include the initial intake sheet as well as all relevant documents that are required to get ABA services started. The following list are typical documents that are required: 

  • Copy of Insurance Cards

  • Diagnostic Report -- this includes testing scores and a diagnosis of autism or other related disorder

  • Signed Caregiver Handbook

  • Release of Information (allows us to coordinate care with others)


Initial Intake Interview

The Initial Intake Interview involves meeting with caregivers and/or relevant stakeholders to get a background on behavior history, concerns and any other relevant information. Ideally, it helps to create a picture of the person we are going to be servicing. 



During the Assessment, a trained professional will come out and observe and interact with the individual identified for services. This is usually done by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst (LABA). 

Let's Work Together

For more information, feel free to submit a request for services to get the process started. 

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