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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. For all children affected by Autism and other related developmental disorders, ABA services are essential. It helps them learn skills needed to be independent and successful when navigating their environment.


It is our mission to provide compassionate, high-level care to families of all backgrounds. We accept all insurance, including Medicaid, and we pride ourselves in servicing even rural communities.

We also offer specialized training and educational events for the community. We are focused on a proactive approach within the community, and with each family, we work with.

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ABA Services

In-Home ABA Services

Allows families and their child(ren) to learn directly in the environment they interact in daily.

School Services

These services helps a child learn to attend and interact within their learning environment.

Parent Training

Sessions in which parents learn to identify different functions of behavior and possible solutions using proactive strategies.

IEP Development

Families and educators can utilize consultations with us to help with IEPs for private and public school systems.

IEP Note Taking

Serving as a neutral party during IEP meetings, we will take notes for both families and schools. There is often so much being said and not enough note-taking.

Functional Behavior Assessments

Functional Behavior Assessments provided for families and educational facilities to help identify the reason for a behavior that is impeding skill development and/or access to education. 


Can be a real struggle for kids on the spectrum. We use an intensive toileting program and teach families the same procedures to be used.

Social Skills Groups

Small groups can include personal outings, virtual outings, and group settings. Geared toward communication and conversation skills.


School/Educational Services

Continuing Education

Training for educators focused on classroom modifications, de-escalation strategies, using behavior specific praise, etc.

School Consultation

Teaching educators proactive strategies, environmental arrangements, and the benefits of positive reinforcement.


Community Services

First Responder Training

Comprehensive evidence-based training that focuses on de-escalation strategies as well as awareness of diversity and Autism.

Guardian ad Litem

Helping represent the best interest of the child in family court. Investigations, reports, and recommendations available.


Day Center

Our Day Treatment Center offers services to children between the ages of 3 - 6 that are on the spectrum or have similar developmental delays. Children are enrolled in a 12-week intensive treatment program that includes:

- ABA Services

- Speech Therapy Sessions

- Gross/Fine Motor Skill Development

- Parent Training

To get started on the enrollment process click the link to be taken to our contact form. Fill out the information and our staff will be in touch to get you started on the first steps to enrollment.

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paints on a table and a child in the background finger painting
five kids wearing superhero capes in different colors: red, yellow, blue, green, and pink
a drawing pad with drawings on it and 5 different hands holding markers drawing more pictures


TLC Behavioral Consulting is in the process of being credentialed with many insurance carriers. We do our best to make sure all families in our community can afford essential ABA services for their children.

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* Single Case Agreement: If TLC Behavioral Consulting is not credentialed with your insurance, please contact us to see if we can secure a single case agreement.

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