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Supporting Families with Compassionate Care

TLC Behavioral Consulting provides Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services to families, and comprehensive training to schools and first responders. Let's connect today!

"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment

in which it grows, not the flower."

- Alexander Den Heijer

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About Us

It is the mission of TLC Behavioral Consulting and Support to provide families in the Portland/Vancouver communities affected by autism and other related disorders with compassionate care at a high level using evidence-based procedures derived from applied behavior analysis. Learn more about our philosophy and values

Our Services

In-Home ABA Services

Allows families and their child(ren) to learn directly in the environment they interact in daily.

IEP Development

Families and educators can utilize consultations with us to help with IEPs for private and public school systems.

School Services

These services helps a child learn to attend and interact within their learning environment.


Functional Behavior Assessments provided for families and educational facilities. 

Parent Training

Sessions in which parents learn to identify different functions of behavior and possible solutions using proactive strategies.


Can be a real struggle for kids on the spectrum. We use an intensive toileting program and teach families the same procedures to be used.

School Consultation

Consultation services that teach educators proactive strategies, environmental arrangements, and the benefits of positive reinforcement.

Social Skills Groups

Small groups that can include personal outings, virtual outings, and group settings. Geared toward communication and conversation skills.

IEP Note-Taking

Serving as a neutral party during IEP meetings, we will take notes for both families and schools. Often times so much is being said and there is not enough note-taking.

Continuing Education

Training for educators focused on classroom modifications, de-escalation strategies, using behavior specific praise, etc.

Guardian ad Litem

Helping represent the best interests of the individual for whatever purpose is needed. Investigations, reports, and recommendations available.

Serving Clark County, Cowlitz County, Lewis County, and Pacific County

Day Treatment Center

Our Day Treatment Center offers services to children between the ages of 3 - 6 that are on the spectrum or have similar developmental delays. Children are enrolled into a 12-week intensive treatment program that includes ABA services, speech therapy sessions, gross/fine motor skill development and so much more. Click to learn more!

Speech Therapist

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TLC Behavioral Consulting and Support

"Supporting Families with Compassionate Care"

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